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Article: Google+ History API in Chrome Extensions

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Hangouts API Playground

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Note: If you want to host the files yourself you will need to edit the XML-File and change {YOUR_URL} to the path on your server.

Article: Writing Hangout Apps
Article: Writing Hangout Apps 2 - Connecting to Google APIs

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Slides (Slightly outdated, Last update 11-2012)

About me

I'm Gerwin Sturm, developer from Austria, and I've already been playing with the Google+ APIs when they were still Google Buzz APIs. For my activities in this area Google has granted me membership in the Google Developers Expert program as Google+ GDE 2012-2013.

I'm not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Google Inc. and the perspectives presented here and their associated content are expressly my own.

Google Developer Expert for Google+